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Fine Art Warehouse has been in business and remained in same location since 1996, is a premier supplier of art and picture frames in Houston and Texas area. We maintain about over 5000 art works, original oil paintings and reproductions of old masters, and thousands of ready-made frames, range from all different designs, finishes and sizes, in stock.

To offer good art, you need to have a group of good artists, fortunately, we have found a colony of very talented artists, some of them, such as Zhouwei, Yongmin, Tia Le and Geremmi Luu etc., have worked with us for almost twenty years. All the paintings are painted brushstroke by brushstroke on canvas by them. You also can commission them to paint your portrait, to reproduce some old master’s paintings you have dreamed to have.

Besides our huge selections of fine pr-assembled, hand-leafed and finished corner ready-made frames, we also offer a complete line of the finest hand-finished moldings and liners. Order your custom frame in any size, and it in most case will be shipped within 7 days.

Looking for an art and picture frames? Get from a right place, right people, and at right price. Come to see us or visit us online.


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